Using advanced medication monitoring and state-of-the-art technologies, MD Labs provides services designed to provide insights into patient prescription adherence and improve treatment outcomes.

As a nationwide laboratory, MD Labs is fully certified by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). Furthermore we are upheld by the highest proficiency testing standards in the industry.

Our reports allow our clients to easily interpret and document laboratory results using your choice of reporting and delivery options. We specialize in finding the perfect fit into your daily routine.

Recent News / New Panels

29 July

Sexually Transmitted Infections

MD Labs is now offering Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) testing using real-time PCR in urine or swab. Less invasive specimen collection with results accurate to 99.8% and 1-day turnaround times.

Why Choose MD Labs/ Benefits

    • MD Labs leads the industry in quick turnaround time testing and reporting. Our state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies allow us to produce quick comprehensive, quantified test results, generally 1-2 business days of specimen receipt to our lab, thus improving clinical outcomes for the healthcare provider and increasing patient safety.
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    • We offer healthcare professionals the choice of testing with urine or oral fluid (saliva). Oral fluids testing can also reduce the susceptibility to adulteration due to easy observation of the sample collection. Furthermore, oral fluid testing can be beneficial for patients with diabetes or renal disease, who are unable to provide a urine specimen.
    MD Labs
    • MD Labs delivers laboratory results through the following secure methods: HIPAA-secure fax line, online client login portal, encrypted electronic PDF results reports, and/or by Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Interfacing, were results are transferred continuously and directed to your patients’ medical records using standard HL7 protocol.
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    • We exclusively use UPLC-MS/MS for quantitative testing to provide some of the lowest validated cutoff levels in the industry for better detection of specific drugs and metabolites. Our in-house team of PhDs and clinical technologists are constantly developing and implementing assays based on client requests and pharmacotherapeutic trends.
    MD Labs
    • We provide healthcare professionals individualized treatment programs ranging from: drug testing panels (no pre-set panels), requisition forms, output reports, in-office testing (with instant read or instrumented devices), and customized data management support. We understand the unique needs of today’s healthcare providers.
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    • MD Labs' team of PhDs, toxicologists, geneticists, clinical chemists, sales team, office managers, and costumer service representatives — provide patient-specific results interpretation, medication monitoring, clinical training, and education to support your clinical treatment needs. Our client services department is set up to keep pace with your business.
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